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Tongling hong feng machinery equipment co., LTD is located in "give ear and huangshan mountain scenery, jiu hua Buddha sound" of Chinese landscape bronze are - tongling city. The company since its establishment has absorbed many professional high-tech talents, and long-term cooperation with many scientific research institutions and universities. Specialized is engaged in the particle, sheet, powdery material automatic packing scale, computer batching system of automatic control, automatic palletizing machine and automatic production line design, development, production and sales. And undertake many weighing automation control systems engineering. Mainly in the service of automatic quantitative packaging production line, automatic batching control production line, automatic online weighing test line weighing control system integration.

At present, our company is a domestic quantitative packaging scale industry production specifications and one of the most complete variety of manufacturers, the company in line with people-oriented, promote the leading by the science and technology, in order to benefit service research and development, to develop the concept of service for the market. Constantly introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology and production technology, combined with the company first-class level of CAD design center and perfect dynamic and static test platform. Has successfully developed a group of high performance, multi-function, high precision, high speed of weighing equipment.

Company independent research and development of the LCS series dynamic weighing equipment, mainly include: particles automatic quantitative packing scale, flake, powder materials; Intermittent liquid, granule, flake, powder materials weighing batching control system; Continuous electronic belt burdening system; Online sorting test weight control system; Online counting weighing control system; Reduction of quantitative control equipment such as weighing products. These products has been widely user agree, has been widely used in food, feed, fish meal, starch, coal, textile, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical, fertilizer, plastic, rubber, dyes, non-ferrous metal, metal and non-metallic mineral, building materials and other industries.

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