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One, company profiles
Tongling Hongfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in "and the beauty of Mount Huangshan, Pleurotus Jiuhua Buddha" the bronze China Landscape -- Tongling city. Since its establishment, the company has absorbed many professional high-tech talents, and has worked with many scientific research institutions and universities and colleges for a long time. Specializing in granular, sheet and powder materials automatic packaging scales, computer automation control batching system, automatic palletizing machine and related automatic production line design, development, production and sale. And to undertake many weighing automation control systems engineering. Mainly services in automatic quantitative packaging control production line, automatic batching control production line, online weighing automatic detection line weighing control integrated system.
At present, the company is one of the most complete specifications of domestic manufacturers packaging machine industry, adhering to the people-oriented, to promote technology, leading to efficiency of service development, research and development as the market service concept. Continuously introduce domestic and foreign advanced technology and production technology, combined with the company's first-class level of CAD design center and perfect dynamic and static testing platform. A number of high performance, multi-function, high-precision and high speed weighing equipment have been successfully developed.
The company independently developed LCS series of dynamic weighing equipment, mainly include: automatic quantitative packing scale particles, flake, powder material; weighing control system, gap type liquid particles, flake, powder material; continuous electronic belt system; online sorting weight checking control system; control system of online weighing quantitative count reduction; weighing control equipment and other products. These products have been widely recognized by users, has been widely used in food, feed, fish meal, starch, coal, textile, chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, plastic, rubber, dyes, non-ferrous metals, metal ore, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other industries.

Two, enterprise culture;
1, business philosophy: customer first, honesty treat each other
2, service consciousness: sincere and perfect service, reputation and efficiency win-win
3, service tenet: quality achievement excellence, quality service perfect

Three, product advantages
1. XK3201 (F701B/D) controller
High standard, high starting point, high performance and high precision control instrument, field control, dual display, protection grade IP65, completely replace imported, and has entered the international market.
2. wireless centralized computer management
Tongling Hongfeng company developed weighing controller MODBUS communication protocol and PLC programmable controller, between touch screen and computer management system can facilitate the realization of information exchange, to ensure reliable, no danger of anything going wrong.
The application of the technology makes the data, information and working conditions of the multiple quantitative packing scales completely in the monitoring of the central management computer. The user's weighing intention and management plan can be realized. The relevant departments can access to accurate information sharing the following information acquisition: packaging production, packaging, packing weight precision and working condition, the production, sales and management unify, greatly improving the modern management level.
3. automatic weighing device
Full automatic tracking adjustment, break through the traditional school balance method, completely avoid manual moving weights, fast and efficient, and ensure permanent high precision.
4. mechanical design:
Create a number of national patent technology, advanced design ideas to absorb domestic and foreign packaging equipment, leading control achievements in the packaging industry of Tongling Hongfeng company adhering to the scientific design, simple and practical importance to the overall structure, high quality parts, no wearing parts, maintenance free, reliable performance, new technology new peak quantitative packaging electronic scale.
5. matching options
Fully selected world-class technology products, configuration principle: better a gold medal, not 3 silvers!
6. overall structure
In order to make the system simple and scientific, and to emphasize the reliability and high quality of parts.

Four, technical advantages
Automatic quantitative packaging weighing technology reached international advanced level. Has successfully transformed the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Italy and other foreign advanced packaging equipment, breaking the world's packaging technology level.

Five, performance advantages
Automatic quantitative packing scale from 2000 into the market, quickly won the trust and support of users, within a short period of time has been in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Xinjiang and other provinces and autonomous regions occupy the market rapidly at the same time, exports to Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc..

Six, standard advantages
Strict implementation of automatic quantitative packaging scales, 0.2 QB/T2501-2000 national standards and JJG 564-2002 national metrological verification regulations.

Seven, reputation advantage
Over the years, enterprises strictly honor, was identified as "Anhui re contract and trustworthy enterprise".

Eight, service advantages
Tongling Hongfeng company has specialized in scientific research and technology strong quantitative packing scale, computer weighing industry, has accumulated a lot of experience in production and use, has a customer service team trained with regularity, all customer focus, the customer would like to think, anxious customer anxious, call customer service service 24 hours a day and to provide customers with timely and efficient service.

Summary: Hongfeng automatic quantitative packing scale from domestic and foreign people, set innovation theory, the theory of intelligent control algorithm, automatic calibration method, MODBUS protocol technology, give full play to the technological innovation of Tongling Hongfeng company strength, to enhance the technical level of automatic quantitative packing scale, the number of errors for the automatic tracking of zero, showing advanced practical hitherto unknown. A number of patented technologies and the original advanced control theory and strong support of the world's leading advantage of Tongling Hongfeng company packaging system. The successful development of the product marks a new era for the quantitative packing scale!
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