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Matters needing attention and common problems in the use of packing scales

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The utility model relates to a quantitative packing scale, which belongs to a gravity type automatic loading weighing instrument in measuring instruments, therefore, when the equipment is installed, the stability of the installation platform of the equipment needs to be ensured. Platform support must be kept away from large power equipment to avoid vibration sources. The support must have sufficient stiffness and stability, and it is not possible to link the body with the vibrating equipment. Provide adequate space for calibration, maintenance and replacement of components. If there is a strong vibration in the finished warehouse, the weighing body and the warehouse body must be separated, and the soft connection shall be adopted to improve the weighing accuracy. The height of the soft connection shall not exceed 5 cm. Similar problems have been neglected in many projects, resulting in the instability of measurement accuracy, and the accuracy of the measurement has been restored to normal after the reinforcement of the platform. In the process, in order to ensure the measurement stability, stability of materials are materials, materials uniform stability is a prerequisite to ensure the precision, and the household appliances to stable operation must ensure the voltage stability is a truth. Therefore, in the normal production process, it is necessary to ensure that there is a certain material in the buffer bin (more than 3~5 packs), conditional installation of low material level chain, after the arrival of low material level, stop packing and wait for incoming materials, otherwise it will affect the packaging accuracy. Such problems are also frequent in many projects, and should be noted in the premix packaging section.
In view of the problems that often arise in the process of customer use, some common problems and solutions are listed as follows:
The per packet than the theory of goal setting value more (or less) and relatively stable.
Processing method: the amount of advance shall be increased (or reduced) into the formula, and the amount of advance shall be increased or decreased (the increase or decrease of the value shall be determined according to the error situation).
Each time the meter display value is very close to the set target, but after checking the actual weight of all electronic scales (or less). At this point, indicating that the weighing distance calibration is not allowed.
Processing method: the scale distance should be calibrated (the measurement range). The emergency treatment can also be re calibrated, and only the value of the target value is changed until the difference between the actual package weight and the theoretical value is within the approved error range.
The continuous weighing weighing value found is not stable, each package material is suddenly more and less. Treatment method: in this case, should first exclude whether there are external factors affecting weighing. There are some external factors that affect weighing:
The stability of the mechanical installation is not good, the work of the whole shake, vibration obvious. Solution: reinforcement platform, to ensure the stability of weighing body.
The material is not stable, less time or sometimes no, or material arching, and unexpected collapse phenomenon. Solution: change the buffer bin structure, or change the route of incoming material to ensure uniform and stable supply.
The action of the electromagnetic valve cylinder is not flexible and accurate. Solution: check the tightness of the cylinder and solenoid valve, as well as the stability of the air pressure, and replace the cylinder solenoid valve when necessary.
The weighing part is affected by unexpected external force (such as work workshop, powerful electric fan), etc.. Solution: remove external forces.
When weighing along with a packing bag, consider the discreteness of the weight of the bag itself. If there is no external influence, it shows that the feeding time is late, and there is no sufficient weighing time for the slow feed. At this time, the slow feeding value should be increased until the weight of each package is consistent or very close. Of course, according to different materials (especially the proportion or particle size of different materials), also need to adjust the opening size of the material flow on the part of the gate, the principle of adjusting the proportion of light, large particles of the material in the slow flow when feeding gate opening need proper opening, to ensure to continuous homogeneous material. In the process of dynamic adjustment, not the blind pursuit of speed, should the weighing results are accurate in the first place, in under the premise of ensuring accuracy and gradually increase the speed, so as to achieve our expectations of both high speed and high precision purpose.

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