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LCS-50ZL particles are no bucket packing scale
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LCS series polyester packing scales

LCS-50ZL particle free packing scale is suitable for non sticky granular materials. The equipment has standard communication interface and many recording functions, and it can print real-time reports and records. Can output class production, daily production, monthly production and other data information reports, easy to operate.

Scope of application:
Automatic quantitative packaging of rice, wheat, seeds, soybeans, feedstuffs, chemical particles, etc.

Technical parameter:
Specification model  LCS-50ZL



 Weighing range  5-10kg

10-25 kg 

25-50 kg 

 Measurement accuracy  0.2  0.2  0.2
 Allowable error  ±0.2%F.S  ±0.2%F.S  ±0.2%F.S
 Packing capacity  260~320 /h  240~300 /h

180~240 /h 

 Power Supply  AC220/50HZAC380/50HZ  AC220/50HZAC380/50HZ  AC220/50HZAC380/50HZ
power  3KW  3KW  3KW
 Gas source  0.4~0.6Mpa  0.4~0.6Mpa


 Gas consumption  0.3Nm3/h  0.3Nm3/h  0.3Nm3/h
 working temperature  -10~+50  -10~+50  -10~+50

Note: not in the weighing range and packaging capacity range for non-standard scales, according to the actual requirements of the user design.
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