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HF-800L casting mill
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HF-800L casting mill

Basic introduction
HF-800A type bead mill is a kind of non-metallic mineral industry widely used in coatings, dyes, paint, ink, medicine, magnetic powder, ferrite, photographic film, pesticide, paper making and cosmetics. According to the structure, the bead mill can be divided into ordinary horizontal bead mill, round pin horizontal bead mill, gear horizontal bead mill and turbo horizontal bead mill.
Equipment features
Horizontal bead mill in essence models at home and abroad, has the advantages of high efficiency, strong continuity, less pollution, has the advantages of reliable control, and low cost, compact structure, elegant, easy operation and convenient maintenance, especially has very strong practicability.
1, the ordinary horizontal bead mill according to the effective volume of the work cylinder is divided into: HF-650A, HF-800A type of two models.
2 、 according to the material contact with the material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.
3, according to the specific conditions and requirements of the use of explosion-proof and general motors.

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