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HF-1300L type chakroun suction system
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HF-1300L type chakroun suction system

Working principle diagram
When dust laden air flows into an efficient cyclone at a certain speed from the intake pipe, the airflow will change from linear motion to circular motion. Most of the rotating air flows along the wall of the cylinder in a spiral downward direction toward the cone. Dust gas produces centrifugal force in the course of rotation, and the density is greater than that of the gas. When the chip meets the wall, it loses inertia force, and the kinetic energy and the downward gravity of the inlet fall along the wall, and the ash pipe enters the dust collecting barrel. The rotating downward swirling air flows near the center of the dust collector when it reaches the cone. According to the principle of constant torque, the tangential velocity increases, when the airflow reaches a cone position, the rotation direction of the same from the cyclone central "continue to do spiral flow, namely rotating airflow, the exhaust gas purification finally by dust collector cyclone outside.
Advantages and characteristics of cyclone dust removal system
1, the structure is simple, the body without moving power components, without special accessories, small footprint, less manufacturing and installation investment.
2, operation and maintenance is simple, the pressure loss is moderate, the power consumption is not large, the operation and maintenance costs are low.
3. The operation elasticity is large, the performance is stable, and it is not limited by the concentration and temperature of dusty gas. There is no special requirement for the physical properties of dust.
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