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DCS industrial control system
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DCS industrial control system

DCS is a product of the combination of computer technology, control technology and network technology. It is the most advanced and reasonable process control system, and can meet the requirements of various process control. Its process control points are scattered, and the system has high reliability. Through centralized operation and monitoring, DCS has the advantages of easy operation and maintenance. DCS has a standard interface, more convenient and simple external connections. The main feature of DCS comes down to "decentralized control" and "centralized management"".
DCS is a system control system, also known as distributed control system. This system is produced with large industrial rise, solve some industry system is more complex, harsh environment, control of enterprise process cumbersome in because of a small system caused by the failure of the whole system, safe operation, PLC and DCS two kinds of main control system now, DCS can complete complex logic operations in particular, the acquisition and processing of temperature, pressure and flow signals to realize automation and modularization, very simple and practical.
DCS (DistributedControlSystem) for short, is a process by the process control level and the composition of monitoring level communications network as a link to the multi computer system, integrated computer (Computer), communication (Communication), display (CRT) and control (Control) and 4C technology, the basic idea is decentralized control, centralized operation hierarchical management flexible configuration, convenient configuration.

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