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Model HF-2000L automatic winding machine
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Model HF-2000L automatic winding machine

Machine overview:
Automatic turntable on-line winding machine is the mechanical production line to wrap, to meet the modern enterprise demand for automated packaging, improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor intensity, reduce labor costs, play a positive role. Easy to realize dustproof, moisture-proof and beautiful and reliable pallet appearance, improve the packing grade.
These products have been widely used in the automatic packaging line of chemical, electronic, food, beverage and paper making industries. Another optional MPD17 top laminator, in order to achieve the top of the film.
Machine performance:
Equipment automatically sensing, conveying, winding goods, and complete automatic film, broken film and brush film operations.
The revolving support structure of the turntable is stable and reliable, and can carry overweight goods.
It adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen control system. It is easy to operate and reliable in performance.
Digital display man-machine interface, according to winding wrapping, you need to input the corresponding work instructions. The winding layer number, top ring number, bottom end ring number and top time can be set.
The pre stretched film shelf saves tensile film by pre stretching, pre stretching up to 250% and pretension tension digital knob. The film tension can be adjusted at random according to the packing requirement and the film quality.
It is equipped with brush / rubber film brushing mechanism to make the film perfectly fit on the tray.
"Flashing flashing safety warning and protective net (optional), in and out of the photoelectric protection of goods.".
Trouble auto alarm and output to touch screen, easy to solve the problem.
Machine parameters:
Dial diameter: 2000mm, with power roller conveyor
Turntable speed: 3 - 15 RPM / min, variable frequency adjustable, turntable slow start stop
Table height: 456MM
Turntable load: 2500kgs
Winding height: 2100mm

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