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HF-450D type carton palletizing machine
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HF-450D type carton palletizing machine

Touch screen operation is used to realize man-machine conversation, which can display the speed of production, the cause and position of the fault, and the high degree of automation. The PLC program on the carton sorting stacking number of pallets, supply and exhaust can be programmed to control.
The production of AIRTAC pneumatic components and cylinder, quality and reliable performance.
The adjustment of the stacking method is convenient and simple, and can be carried out on the touch screen.
Stacking stable, efficient, can greatly save manpower.
The carton supply system adopts brake motor control to ensure the carton is transported in a pre-set position.
Small noise, in line with China international standards, noise is below 75db.
Several stacking methods can be accomplished without replacing the stacking parts.
Speed efficiency 3-5 / min.
The frequency (HZ): 50HZ
The voltage (V): 220V
The power (W): 950W
The size of equipment (mm) (length * width * height): 1600 x 780 x 1400
◆  设备外形尺寸(mm)(长×宽×高):1600×780×1400
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