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Model QHF-1200 automatic plastic belt packing mach
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Model QHF-1200 automatic plastic belt packing machine

QHF-1200 type automatic plastic packing belt machine for automatic packing machine. When using packaging to the work table, the table can touch the automatic switch, automatic packing, according to the packaging requirements, choose the number of package, can also according to production line design into dynamic type or side face type for each type meet the requirements of different users. Binding packing suitable for mass objects.
Baling belt machine features
Modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, easy disassembly and assembly;
The use of fully automated design, operation and use more convenient;
The maximum size of the bale is decided by the bow, bow can be customized according to the needs of users;
Motor, reducer, cam, tightening arm operation;
Packing force, excellent, less trouble, convenient maintenance;
The package action is soft and durable, and the packing function is perfect;
After the packing is finished, the motor is stopped at once, and the utility model has the advantages of electricity saving and practicability.


机械尺寸 Dimensions


净 重 Net weight


适用重量 Shipping weight


透用宽度 Strap width


带 盘 strap dispenser

带圈纸芯内径 coil core ID.200~280mm 可调

strap coil

带圈纸芯宽度 coil width 190~230mm

打包速度 Strapping speed


打包规格 Package size



粘合方法 Sealing method

热熔接 heat-melt

捆扎紧度 Strapping tension


电 源 Power consumption


台面高度 Table Height


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