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HF series continuous plastic sealing machine
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Large bag continuous heat sealing machine

HF1000-Y型连续塑料封口机Model HF1000-Y continuous plastic sealing machine
L vertical W horizontal digital indication, suitable for bag size Y stepless speed regulation
I. use
This series of machines are used for packing and sealing machines and plastic film bags of polyethylene, polypropylene and composite layer, outer paper, inner plastic and aluminium foil layer, etc.. It is currently in a big bag, ideal sealing machine, widely used in food, candy, medicine, aquatic products, rice, rice, feed, fertilizer, daily necessities and chemical industry etc.. Horizontal sealing machine is suitable for dry, granular, powder, medium and small bag sealing, vertical sealing machine, suitable for sealing in large, big bags, such as granular, powder, liquid, etc..
Two, performance characteristics
1. 、 this series of machines adopts constant temperature control system. The temperature is stable and the heating is even.
2. this series of machines have automatic delivery device (sealing strip, steel belt, conveyor belt), which can automatically seal the packaging bags from the inlet and outlet
Each process.
3. the worktable of this series of machines can adjust the angle of inclination (horizontal) and the height of the bag or the head according to the requirement
Raise (vertical)
4., this series of machines can be equipped with press wheel or ink wheel coding machine.
5., the machine is easy to operate, suitable for bags, objects, heavy material sealing, firm, clear and beautiful.
Three, the main parameters
1. scope of application
Material: polyethylene, polypropylene and composite layer, the outer paper, plastic and aluminum foil layer, and other plastic film
Bag height: see model number, such as: type 800 = bag height is less than 800 millimeters.
Sealing speed: 7 meters, 9 meters / minute (level), 9 meters, 11 meters / minute (level), stepless speed regulation.
Adhesive width: 8/10 mm, 10.5/12.5 mm, 13/15 mm.
Supply voltage: 220V.
Heating power: group 600W/, group 400W/, group 800W/, group 1200W/.
Motor power: 120W, 90W, 200W.
2. dimensions and weight (excluding non-standard)
Horizontal 1060x460x890 70 kg
Vertical 1250x460x1260 90 kg
The vertical type 1700x500x1550 110 kg

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